What is RC&D

Kellie Johnston and Paul Kennedy

With the passage of the Agriculture Act of 1962 came about the establishment of Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Councils to provide a program to empower rural people to help themselves. Cawaco RC&D (RC&D) was authorized in 1973 to assist the communities in Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties in Central Alabama. The service to these five counties focuses on vibrant communities and natural resource conservation. Read our strategic plan here. The general objective is to meet needs within the community through service, leadership and building relationships.

The service and leadership developed by Cawaco focuses directly on the local community. By directly interacting with local communities, Cawaco can pin point specific needs; with a direct focus on needs, services and funds can be allocated where they are needed most. The partnerships built between communities, municipalities and Cawaco creates a foundation that benefits the entire area. By partnering the local community with the regional organizations, the community thrives.

Our Vision: Vibrant communities that achieve balance between human, economic and natural resource needs.

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