May 022018

On May 1, 2018 we visited Oneonta Middle School teacher John Fallin, his robotics team and Rep. David Standridge! In 2017, the school received a grant for robotics equipment and students built a robot for the 2017 BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology)competition at Wallace State. The robot (pictured) was built by the students for the competition and had to be made of wood and not metal. The robotics kit was purchased through a Cawaco educational grant.
During the “Crossfire” competition, the schools were asked to submit a robot prototype to be evaluated alongside other prototypes in a state-of-the-art Industrial Fire Simulator. The robots were not able to touch the fire directly – in order to extinguish it, they needed to launch simulated water from a distance. The highest priority was rescuing a test manikin from inside. Just like in a real rescue, every second counted; robots received more points if they completed the rescue in less time. Points were given for rescuing the manikin, containing the chemical drums and extinguishing the flames. Due to the grant from Cawaco, the students were able to complete the robot and compete with more advanced schools from Alabama. They placed 10th in the competition and had a great time. This project will continue in upcoming years and the class plans to compete in the 2018 BEST competition. As always, we appreciate the legislators who take time to know the needs in their communities and help us locate projects. 

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Oct 242016
 In 2016, Cawaco projects built 11 miles of trails, restored 20 acres of habitat, educated over 3000 children and more than 2000 adults. For every dollar we spent, we were returned a minimum of eight dollars in added value. See the one-page graphic report here.
Please check out our Annual Report! THANK YOU for all YOU DO in your communities, and when you are out there, remember identify the needs in your communities! And also remember to thank your local legislators for allowing us to continue to receive funding. Without our partners we cannot accomplish anything! 
Click here to read about the projects funded in 2016. 
 Again, thank you all for your help in making 2016 a success for Cawaco and helping to build a better Alabama!
Mar 282016

Once again we are partnering with USDA and Walker County Soil & Water to host a Beginning Farmer Outreach meeting in Walker County! Pass this information along to anyone with interest in agriculture. The purpose of these meetings is to connect beginning farmers to the resources that are available to help them succeed in any type of farming, including timber management. See the flyer for more info. PLEASE SHARE!

Jan 222016
We are currently delivering vegetable seed to community and school gardens throughout the state! The seeds are FREE but you have to apply in order to receive them! Call Patti @ 205-623-0457, or email and request an application, or download one here
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Oct 292015

The Tool Trailer got a good bit of use in 2015! 849 volunteers used the trailer to clear over 17 miles of trails in places like Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, Red Mountain Park and Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve! Cawaco keeps the tool trailer maintained and available to volunteer groups. Charles Yeager at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is contracted through Cawaco to maintain the tools and make it available to volunteer groups. For more information about using the tool trailer, contact Charles at the number on the Tool trailer flyerTool trailer

Apr 032015

Cawaco was awarded the Alabama Association of Resource Conservation & Development Council’s  Project of the Year Award for 2014, for the “Tannehill Wastewater Treatment” project.

Read more about this project in the Spring Newsletter. Or go here.

We were very honored to be the recipient of this award, when there are so many worthwhile projects throughout the state to choose from!  We were excited to accept this award in the presence of one of our good friends and supporters, Senator Greg Reed.

Oct 282014

Back in 2011, Cawaco awarded Greystone Elementary School a grant to develop an outdoor classroom.  This first phase of the project allowed them to purchase native plants and trees, create a rain garden, and  install a pond.  They also bought a cistern to collect rainwater off the roof of the school to water the plants. This saves the school a lot of money, and it helps conserve our most precious resource- water.
IMG_3896  On October 27, 2014, Greystone was awarded their Outdoor Classroom certification from the Alabama Wildlife Federation!  It is always a delight to see projects blossom and mature!

Oct 232014

Patti Pennington was at Cornerstone School on October 20,  and met Ms. Crist and her kindergarten class. There have been many improvements since Cawaco helped Cornerstone get their garden going! Teacher excitement and involvement has made this project a HUGE success! Herb gardens, a rain barrell, and a sign with the Cawaco logo on it are among the new additions! The kids are outdoors every opportunity they get.


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Aug 202014

Recently the Rocky Ridge Fire Department received a 10,000 grant from Cawaco RC&D for river rescue equipment. Since the purchase of the equipment, it has been used four times- and one of those times was during a training class on how to use the equipment!

The money allowed the fire department to buy a winch to go up and down steep hills. They were also able purchase this board along with floatation device to transport an injured person in the water.

For pictures and video, go here