Cawaco Grants Program

 About the Cawaco Resource, Conservation & Development Council’s grant program:
Fact: Cawaco awards approximately $200,000 in grants per year
  • We look for projects where a small amount can make a big impact
  • We choose projects based upon community need, public support, and area/number of people affected
Fact: Cawaco grants are awarded on a REIMBURSABLE basis (you pay for the improvement and we will reimburse you) Grants are awarded to non-profit entities in Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties of Alabama.
  • We have an education and a challenge grant program.
  • Grants are awarded on a REIMBURSABLE basis
  • What types of projects do we fund?
    • Environmental Improvements
      • Pervious pavement
      • Drought tolerant landscaping
      • Water catchment systems
      • Environmental education
    • First Responder Support
      • Equipment upgrades
      • Training
      • Radios, turn out gear, specialized rescue equipment
    • Education
      • Scholarships for low-income students to attend events
      • Equipment
      • Books and other tools that help educate a large population
    • Parks and Rec
      • Walking tracks
      • Nature trails
      • Native tree planting
      • Invasive control
    • Preservation of History and Natural Resources
      • Restoration of historic buildings & artifacts
      • Preservation of open spaces
Our grant cycle is currently closed.
  Cawaco RC&D programs and activities are available without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.
Do you have a project idea within our area that falls within our Mission? Call Kellie @ 205.623.0147 
Cawaco has a network of resources that may benefit your organization. We offer consulting, accounting and grant writing services.  We can help with team building, partnerships, brainstorming, visioning, and project development.