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3 months ago
Alabama Museum of Natural History

Cawaco provides administrative support for the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network. If you’re not aware of their work, this is a good overview.

Welcome to the Museums From Your Home livestream, presented by the University of Alabama Museums!

Today, we'll be learning about biodiversity and water research from the Geological Survey of ... See more

3 months ago
Native Plants — Ruffner Mountain

Now is the perfect time to plant some beautiful native plants that are able to withstand the climate and the sustain wildlife in Alabama. You can even purchase them online and know that you’re ... See more

Plant Natives, Grow Diversity

4 months ago

Susan Moore Fire & Rescue received a grant to purchase fire hoses. The old hoses were old, out of date and too damaged to pass testing.

4 months ago
Photos from Cawaco RC&D's post

The Foundry received a grant from Cawaco to purchase a meat slicer and range to support their employment readiness program. Program participants receive foodservice training which will allow them to ... See more

4 months ago
Alzheimer's of Central Alabama (ACA)

Cawaco happily supports Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama in its efforts to keep seniors safe.

We are grateful to Cawaco RC&D for their support of our Project Lifesaver Program for people with dementia who are at risk for wandering. These bracelets emit a radio tracking signal to help law ... See more

4 months ago
Susan Moore Fire & Rescue

We are a small volunteer department located in the northern/center of Blount County Alabama. Our station is located at the intersection of AL 75 & Susan Moore Road.

4 months ago
Farmers' Almanac

This is a perfect time to plan and plant your garden!

This handy guide assists you with what to plant next to what for best results. For example: 🥕should be planted next to 🍅because tomatoes produce solanine, a natural insecticide that targets ... See more

5 months ago
2021 Cawaco Grant Application

The 2021 Cawaco Grant Application is available until July 1. Remember, if you currently have an open grant with us, you are not eligible to ... See more

5 months ago
Gardening Made Easy With Straw Bales!

While we are currently in a flood and not thinking of water retention, this technique has multiple benefits, including good drainage, moisture retention and weed reduction. The best tomatoes are ... See more

Turn an inexpensive bale of straw into a fruitful planter. This thrifty, fun, and easy way to garden means no weeding. No kidding!

6 months ago
Shades Creek Watershed Management Plan

Do you live, work or worship in the Shades Creek Watershed? Are you concerned about the creek, or perhaps would like more access to the creek. Maybe it is polluted? If you have concerns, please ... See more

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