Cawaco Resource, Conservation & Development Council is a non-profit agency dedicated to the enjoyment, education, enhancement and protection of our natural resources. Cawaco is one of nine RC&D areas in the state, and serves Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties of Alabama. Cawaco plans and supports activities that increase conservation of natural resources, encourage economic development and enhance the environment and standard living within the Council area.

November 18, 2019


FRAUD ALERT !!!!  Cawaco has been made aware that someone has been representing themselves as a “granting attorney” for Cawaco.  Cawaco does not make grants to individuals and does not have a “granting attorney”.  Do not click on any links or send any money.  If you are contacted by this individual, report them to the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov under “File a Consumer Complaint” and choose “Rip-offs and Imposter Scams”. 

CAWACO ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT GIVE GRANTS TO INDIVIDUALS OR ENTITIES OUTSIDE OUR ALABAMA 5-COUNTY AREA. We will NEVER solicit any personal information from anyone. If you need assistance, please call us! 205-623-0457 (Patti Pennington) ; or 205-623-0147 (Kellie Johnston). 

HOW WE DO IT: The Staff is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are comprised of four members from each county. The Board of Directors sets goals, objectives and standards of excellence. Through public input, Board direction and needs assessments, Cawaco RC&D works to identify unmet community needs and develop solutions to meet those needs.We administer a grant program within our 5-county area.  Service to the communities of Alabama is not limited to grants, however. Cawaco plans and facilitates workshops, hold contracts with state, county and federal agencies, and partners with organizations throughout Alabama.

CAWACO BACKGROUND: Founded in 1973 under the premise that local people can solve local problems, Cawaco began coordinating watershed projects in 1996 with the formation of the Cahaba Steering Committee. In 2002, Cawaco began facilitating and developing water quality projects and managing grants for the Alabama Clean Water Partnership.

Cawaco has developed and managed grants from federal and state agencies and foundations. An audit, performed by a CPA firm that specializes in nonprofits, is performed annually. There have been no significant findings since beginning regular audits.

AFFILIATIONS: Cawaco is one of nine Resource Conservation and Development Councils in Alabama, and is a member of the Alabama Association of Conservation Districts, The Southeastern Association of Conservation Districts and the National Association. If you are not within our service area, find your council here.

Location: 2112 11th Ave. South, Suite 541 Birmingham AL 35205

Feel free to call us! 205.623.0457,or email: grantfunds@live.com

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ATTENTION! CAWACO ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT GIVE GRANTS TO INDIVIDUALS OR ENTITIES OUTSIDE OUR ALABAMA 5-COUNTY AREA. We will NEVER solicit any personal information from anyone! You contact us for grants and assistance. We will never contact you!