Council Member Position Purpose/Goal:

“To assist the Cawaco RC&D Council in working with local people, agencies and organizations to identify local problems, developing a plan to alleviate the problems, and implementing such a plan to help improve the quality of life in our five county area.”

Board Member Duties & Responsibilities
Board & Staff Responsibilities

2016 Cawaco Board Members

Chris Greene                     County Commission
Nell Miller                           Soil and Water Conservation District
Doug Smith                        At-Large
Doris Hamby                      At-Large

Gerald Arrington                 County Commission
Jim Pitts                              Soil and Water Conservation District
OPEN                                 At-Large
Fred Crawford                    At-Large

Paul McCaleb                   At Large – Cawaco Council President
Jim Phillips                       Soil and Water Conservation District
Sheila Baker                     At-Large
OPEN                               County Commission

Shelby County
Brett Sellers                    County Commission
Gary Crowson                 Soil and Water Conservation
Chad Scroggins               At-Large
OPEN                              At-Large

Walker County
Billy Luster                      County Commission
Dwight Hicks                   Soil and Water Conservation District
Keith Pike                        At-Large
Paul Kennedy                  At-Large


Jefferson County- Adlai Trone