Jan 122015

Cawaco RC&D is very excited to announce that we have been granted enhanced (Tier II) Circle of Diamonds membership by the National Association of Resource, Conservation & Development Councils in the National Circle of Diamonds Program, thus becoming one of only 25 RC&D Councils out of 375 nationwide to have qualified for this elite status!

The Circle of Diamonds program highlights the work that RC&D Councils perform in their communities and recognizes good stewardship of the local non-profit council in “Making Things Happen.” It is set up to be a proactive means for RC&D Councils to demonstrate that they are complying with best non-profit management practices and basic requirements of the RC&D statute (Public Law 107–171, Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, Sections 1528-1537) .

By earning Tier II membership, Cawaco RC&D Council has clearly confirmed its ability to adhere to the high standards necessary for enhanced membership. It follows an array of governance, personnel, financial management, and planning policies and practices that ensure its effective action and transparent and honest administration.

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