Jun 262020

Thanks to Senator Greg Reed, Cawaco heard about the needs of Pleasantfield Volunteer Fire department in Walker County. Pleasantfield is a very rural community in Walker County that has very limited cell phone service which makes the use of cell phones in emergency situations tenuous. Pleasantfield VFD had members who did not have a fire radio and could not receive any emergency call outs in order to respond to emergency calls. While on an emergency fire scene the officer in charge was not able to communicate to members in burning buildings or out of line of sight on scenes. Also the fire fighters need to be able to communicate with scene commanders in order to request equipment needed, or give reports of
conditions while in emergency situations.

After receiving the new equipment, there was a fire within the service area,  and a record number of firefighters responded because they had radios. Projects that support First Responders keep communities safer, and keep the first responders safer as well.

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