Apr 302020

Did you know Cawaco donates and delivers hundreds of pounds of vegetable seed throughout the state of Alabama each year? We work with our RC&D partners all over the state to get them to schools and communities. And, with a partnership with the Scott company, we arrange the distribution of free topsoil to gardeners! Is your garden a recipient of this program? If so, make sure to tell us about your success and share with others, so we can continue to receive the support we need to keep this program active!

Check out the statewide garden report for spring 2020 HERE.

If you are not within our service area, find your council here.

Learn more about our seed program by calling Patti Pennington at 205.623.0457 or email

Oct 162019

Looking for educational resources for students K-5 to print at home or in class? Look no further! Here is a print-friendly version of a FUN activity book about water conservation! 

This booklet will print both sides (flip on the long edge. Using a long stapler, staple the booklet on pages 10-11.

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Aug 282019

Cawaco Board Members Paul Kennedy and Sheila Baker walked away with two Southeastern Association of RC&D Council awards this week in Asheville NC. Paul Kennedy was accepted into the SE RC&D Hall of Fame and Sheila Baker was deemed Board Member of the Year!

(Pictured: Paul McCaleb accepting Kennedy’s award, and Sheila Baker)

May 062019

Enjoy this presentation that highlights the work being done throughout the state by Resource, Conservation & Development Councils in Alabama.

Presentation 2019 Annual ConferenceFinal
Jan 292019

Strategic Habitat Meeting 2019

Each year, the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network come together to share information and set an area of focus for the upcoming year.  It is held in conjunction with the yearly Mollusk/Crayfish meeting.

The 2019 SHU Meeting was held on January 15 in Andalusia Alabama.

Full Presentations are available below:

May 232018

We are proud to sponsor this radio ad that runs in our five counties!

The Alabama Community College System Adult Education programs (Alabama Adult Education) provide free adult literacy, basic skills, English as a Second Language and GED test preparation. The cost of the GED® Test is $120.00. GED® testing vouchers valuing $25.00 per assessment are available for individuals enrolled in the program who meet the minimum qualifications. A maximum voucher of $100.00 is available (per student) and the student will pay $5.00 per assessment.

Alabama Adult Education is offering See it 4 Free, an opportunity to take all 4 GED Ready practice tests free-of-charge. In addition, for a limited time, if you pass the GED Ready practice test, Alabama Adult Education will pay for you to attempt the official GED exam.

A GED graduate is eligible to receive a scholarship for one college credit course of up to 3-credit hours at any public 2-year college in Alabama. Ask the school’s Financial Aid office about this scholarship. Visit for more information or to locate the Alabama Community College in your area.

May 222018

Meet Ms. Shirley Mixon of the Jasper Senior Activity Center. Ms. Mixon is an alumni of the Generations on Line program that was partially funded through Cawaco and administered through M4A.
Generations on Line is nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing communication among generations by promoting Internet access and literacy to elders of the Paper Generation. The software guides novices step-by-step with onscreen instructions on every page in large type, plain English, and a clear, uncluttered interface with friendly icons. It is free to seniors. With Generations on Line software, seniors known as “peer coaches” train other seniors on how to use the computer.
After Shirley completed the Generations on Line training, she began to train other seniors, not only to use the internet but to learn basic computer skills. But without the help of the Senior Employment Program, Shirley said she probably wouldn’t be working.
After working for Proctor & Gamble in Ohio, she moved home to take care of her mother and realized that her skills needed to be sharpened for the modern workplace. Shirley decided to join the Senior Employment Program to learn the skills necessary to re-enter the workforce.
From there, she worked at Bankhead Middle School for seven years, before being hired to work at the Jasper Senior Center to teach other seniors basic computer skills. Now when she isn’t teaching computer training, she is teaching quilting. Shirley Mixon has been working at the Jasper Senior Center for eight years.
To find out more about educational programs for seniors, connect with your local senior center. If you’re a senior in Jasper needing some computer training, go see Ms. Shirley Mixon. Shirley says that if she can use a computer, anyone can!
Click here for the Alabama Senior Center directory to find a senior center near you.

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