RC&D Grows Gardens

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Jul 202020
Panola Community Outreach Pavillion (Green County)
Funds from Alabama RC&D “RC&D Grows Gardens Project” were used to complete the Panola Community Outreach pavilion.  The pavilion serves as a food distribution site for limited-income residents.

Pleasantfield Volunteer Fire Department Radios

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Jun 262020

Thanks to Senator Greg Reed, Cawaco heard about the needs of Pleasantfield Volunteer Fire department in Walker County. Pleasantfield is a very rural community in Walker County that has very limited cell phone service which makes the use of cell phones in emergency situations tenuous. Pleasantfield VFD had members who did not have a fire radio and could not receive any emergency call outs in order to respond to emergency calls. While on an emergency fire scene the officer in charge was not able to communicate to members in burning buildings or out of line of sight on scenes. Also the fire fighters need to be able to communicate with scene commanders in order to request equipment needed, or give reports of
conditions while in emergency situations.

After receiving the new equipment, there was a fire within the service area,  and a record number of firefighters responded because they had radios. Projects that support First Responders keep communities safer, and keep the first responders safer as well.

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2019 Strategic Habitat Meeting of the Alabama Rivers & Streams Network

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Jan 292019

Strategic Habitat Meeting 2019

Each year, the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network come together to share information and set an area of focus for the upcoming year.  It is held in conjunction with the yearly Mollusk/Crayfish meeting.

The 2019 SHU Meeting was held on January 15 in Andalusia Alabama.

Full Presentations are available below:

Seniors Teach Seniors Computer Skills

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May 222018

Meet Ms. Shirley Mixon of the Jasper Senior Activity Center. Ms. Mixon is an alumni of the Generations on Line program that was partially funded through Cawaco and administered through M4A.
Generations on Line is nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing communication among generations by promoting Internet access and literacy to elders of the Paper Generation. The software guides novices step-by-step with onscreen instructions on every page in large type, plain English, and a clear, uncluttered interface with friendly icons. It is free to seniors. With Generations on Line software, seniors known as “peer coaches” train other seniors on how to use the computer.
After Shirley completed the Generations on Line training, she began to train other seniors, not only to use the internet but to learn basic computer skills. But without the help of the Senior Employment Program, Shirley said she probably wouldn’t be working.
After working for Proctor & Gamble in Ohio, she moved home to take care of her mother and realized that her skills needed to be sharpened for the modern workplace. Shirley decided to join the Senior Employment Program to learn the skills necessary to re-enter the workforce.
From there, she worked at Bankhead Middle School for seven years, before being hired to work at the Jasper Senior Center to teach other seniors basic computer skills. Now when she isn’t teaching computer training, she is teaching quilting. Shirley Mixon has been working at the Jasper Senior Center for eight years.
To find out more about educational programs for seniors, connect with your local senior center. If you’re a senior in Jasper needing some computer training, go see Ms. Shirley Mixon. Shirley says that if she can use a computer, anyone can!
Click here for the Alabama Senior Center directory to find a senior center near you.

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Cawaco featured on RootsRated website

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May 012015

Cawaco recently got some press on RootsRated!

RootsRated is a website designed to help outdoor enthusiasts find the best hiking, trail running, climbing, paddling, cycling and more- (including food)- in 30+ cities around the country- all according to local experts. So if you are looking for things to do locally, or while travelling, check out their website! And if you know of places in your area that are not listed, email them and they will add it. We recently suggested the addition of Palisades Park for  rappelling.

To read the article about Cawaco RC&D, click here. 

To learn more about the Little Shades Creek Stream Restoration Project, click here.

Project Update- Greystone Elementary Outdoor Classroom

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Oct 282014

Back in 2011, Cawaco awarded Greystone Elementary School a grant to develop an outdoor classroom.  This first phase of the project allowed them to purchase native plants and trees, create a rain garden, and  install a pond.  They also bought a cistern to collect rainwater off the roof of the school to water the plants. This saves the school a lot of money, and it helps conserve our most precious resource- water.
IMG_3896  On October 27, 2014, Greystone was awarded their Outdoor Classroom certification from the Alabama Wildlife Federation!  It is always a delight to see projects blossom and mature!

Board Member Spotlight

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Oct 132014

Meet Judge Chris Green of Blount County. He serves on the Cawaco Board Personnel and Executive Committees.

Chris is both a Blount County Probate Judge and Commission Chairman. He has also served as the Blount County Revenue Commissioner and Blount County Administrator.

Chris loves to go fishing, especially along the Beautiful Locust Fork River.

He also enjoys music. ”I love to play the fiddle and often get together with friends for a little front porch music jam.” He says.  Chris is also active in his church and enjoys being the music leader at  First Baptist Church Cleveland, Alabama.

I asked Chris how he came to know Cawaco RC&D, and he told me, “I became involved with Cawaco while serving as the Blount County Administrator. I appreciate the fact that CAWACO is very involved in projects that preserve our environment and provide increased recreational opportunities for our citizens.”  He then added, “Cawaco has assisted in multiple projects to improve our County Parks such as; making our restrooms handicap assessable, providing for a special trail to identify native trees and roof repairs to park buildings just to name a few. Cawaco has also assisted in many projects for properly equipping our volunteer fire departments.”


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Palisades Park gets WiFi!

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Sep 122014

Cawaco RC&D id dedicated to the development and wise use of our Natural Resources. Although many will think that a park getting WiFi is not supporting natural resources, please remember- our focus for the next year is Parks and Rec. And WiFi will benefit the park, as well as the community and visitors. Visitors can now host meetings at the lodges and have internet access,  The park is now able to take internet reservations. And in the event of an emergency, Palisades Park is no longer in the dark.  We want to thank the Legislators for their continued support and interest in their area! We exist to help communities in need, and so do they.  Palisades WIFI Grant

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